Something about the Pacesetter State that seems not to be changing is that it leads in almost all aspects of life- both in innovation and backwardness. Unfortunately, gone are those days when the ancient State was known for being the first in the bests. The State now sadly prides itself on nauseating events, most especially in the political arena.

The happenings in the State in the past week only depicted the Pacesetter state from being far from civilisation and is not in any way ready for developmental strides. It is an open secret that political appointments are only given to the children of the privileged, but in Oyo State, it goes beyond that societal abnormality. Thanks goodness to the seemingly political apathy of a large section of the inhabitants of the State, the state would have returned to its status during the era of late Lamidi Adedibu. Many party faithful from Oke-Ogun geo-political zone of the State were blocked on Monday from entering Ibadan by members of the National Union of Rad Transport Workers (NURTW), who are allegedly the supporters of the sitting governor and those that found their way to the State Secretariat met a stiff opposition at the entrance to the Secretariat.

According to the party members who felt jilted by the actions of the state governor, ‘Abiola Ajimobi has forgotten those who helped him to power and never honour the agreement between them.’ Truth be told, the caretaker chairmen sworn in on Friday can be best described as the kinsmen and kids to the State Governor. The selection of these men is tantamount to empowering the economically unscathed at the expense of the poor masses of the state. First, the governor selected his own brother, Alhaji Teslim Ajimobi as a local government boss at the detriment of the party unity and other deserving members.

As if this act of nepotism wasn’t enough, the Governor also put the son of the immediate past governor of the state, Adebayo Alao-Akala, in charge of Ogbomosho North Local government. And this rainfall of injustice spreads its fluttering wings to the state capital where the child of the late Olubadan of Ibadan, Oba Samuel Odugbade was also crowned as a local government boss at the expense of loyalty, experience and societal development. There are so many other forms of abysmal appointments made by the governor that will make a sane mind crave for some level of sanity.

It seems the state government has turned governance to charity whereby friends, allies and family members are

Ajimobi, Alao Akala and the Ex-Olubadan

being compensated with political positions without any justifiable reason. The truth is, nobody prospers on the basis of charity and if the governor should neglect this fact, the state is bound to be relegated among its counterparts. Same scenario was witnessed during the first term of Abiola Ajimobi. The continuation of insanity will keep birthing ills, maladies, retrogression and stunted growth at the expense of huge resources being used in governing the state daily.

If Oyo State will get back to her leading position as witnessed during the era of Awolowo and Akintola, right steps towards the right direction must be taken. We all have our own prejudices, but they shouldn’t be expressed at the detriment of a whole society. The governor should know that if this trend continues, it will get to a level whereby nobody would be able to suppress it again. The 30-minute demonstration between the governor’s supporters and those of late Lam Adesina last week is a pointer to the fact that if the current trend in the political circle do not take a U-turn swiftly, the State will soon be turned to a war zone, especially as politicians brace up for 2019.


By: OKE, Babawale Simon

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