TAKE pessimism out of it and let it be replaced with reality, the change is not in any way near. In fact, it seems we get farther to it daily. Truly, we all yearn for a positive and real change, but in actions, we work vigorously against the realisation of the needed transformation. The problem spreads from the leaders to the followers alike. We’ve all dedicated our strengths to work against the development of the nation.

Recent happenings in the nation clearly point to this fact; the reign of insanity in the red chambers. The seemingly arrogant attitude of the presidency and the most saddening, the self-extortion model of the oppressed. All these serve as factors debarring the change from being a realisation in the land. We need to tell Melaye and other script actors that Nigeria is too big for them as a stage. Also, Garba Sheu needs to know that nothing about the President at this stage should be made hidden. If the President was treated with tax-payers’ money and the presidency swims in the pool of arrogance that they need not know the amount expended on the ill-health of President is just the perfect example of corruption.

Taking the heart-troubling issues one after the other, Melaye to me, appears to be one of the mentally belittled senators the nation has ever produced. Kogi West is known for producing vocal and vibrating senators, but Adeyemi Smart is far smarter than this Daniel or is it Jonah or Dano or Dino of a thing. It is painful that a senator who is paid heavily to make laws that will transform the land prides himself to be so mentally deluded and childish in everything he does. You were accused of not being learned and in a way not too surprising, you proved to the world in an unlearned way that you’re. The whole scenario at the end of the drama only depicts a confused person who is not ready to be wise. A sane mind will ask; how does not having a certificate translate to wearing a choir uniform to the national assembly? It all boils down to……

Yes, Saraki was also invited by an Ethics Committee set up by him and the script was well acted out. He went there to say the vehicle belongs to the senate but who rides it?  At the end of the day, Saraki and the houseboy were applauded but the man who called the attention of the Senate to the obvious was told to go home for the most substantial part of the year. Ndume has been a victim of many evil circumstances this parliamentary year. He was removed as the Senate leader in a way least expected; was denied the opportunity of pushing through the confirmation of Magu and now fully suspended from the Senate for six months— just for nothing!


The Senate’s summon of Professor Itse Sagay for registering his opinion about the activities of the red chambers reminds me of their derailed counterparts as a student in the university. Then, the Faculty Legislative Council used to be the Alpha and Omega of every decision and nobody dare question their authority. Anyone who tries to call them to their senses would be summoned and suspended as a member of the students’ association. Yes, they used to feign the love of the association for every action of theirs just like their role models at the senate do say, but the bottom line of everything shows they should be stoned.

Garba Sheu goofed for saying we do not deserve to know the amount expended on the President while seeking

Buhari       Credit: nigerianmonitor

treatment abroad. At first, we were deceived that he went to rest and that anything that had medical inclination in his trip were just medical check-ups, only for the President to come home and confess that ‘he had never been sick like this.’ Not telling the masses the actual amount spent on the President is just a case of daylight robbery. That is a level of corruption on its own. What of the issue of seeking medical attention abroad, especially on cases just as check-ups, where is the implementation of Change begins with me mantra of the administration? It seems the administration is a mockery of itself.

In the same vein, it seems the citizens are doing little to contribute to the realisation of the needed change. We have succeeded in instituting pains and afflictions against ourselves. A bizarre case I witnessed was when rain fell and drivers in the city increased the fare for no reason. This in some cities is normal, but the absurdity behind this increment is what baffles a sane mind. An attempt to call one of these drivers to order provoked him to say “Go to Aso Rock and preach to Buhari, go to Agodi and preach to Ajimobi. We will all keep extorting one another, using every means we have above the other.” I asked if things were supposed to be so and he said I should keep asking him.

Then, I realised that the much needed change may not come anytime soon. Until, every nook and cranny is repositioned, and most especially the mind-set of both the ruler and the ruled, our suffering may just be beginning.


OKE, Babawale Simon is a graduate of the Department of English, University of Ibadan, Nigeria.

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