OF all sayings I’ve heard in this world but that seems to be so ineffective is that when there is life there is hope. The undeniable fact of this life is that many people have died in their hopeless state. It suffices to say that many people have died and will still die while hoping. This world to some of us seems to be filled with nothing else apart from suffering.

We have given our best, but they all amount to nothing, in fact, many of us have become objects of ridicule and mockery in our society.  They’ve given us special names not befitting of our person and we’ve been made to fit perfectly into them. To some of us, the world in its essence has ended, we are only waiting for our end on the planet earth to call everything a day.

For decades, I’ve listened to sermons, read motivational and heard admonitions on the need to be consistent and never to back out because at that very point comes breakthrough, but they all seem as a mirage to me. My life has not received any form of transformation for decades and it seems my strength now dwindles without any achievement to match my years of existence. I’ve been forced to ask myself if takes God a lifetime to bring change to a man’s life. If not, it seems mine has become an exceptional case that calls for special treatment among the hosts of heaven. Most times when I hear of suicide cases, the thought of another being having to die in my stead comes to mind. Writing this piece only hooks me in the heart. It brews up the sorrow in me and adds to my sadness.

For countless times, the question has resonated in me; when will this suffering come to an end? And yet, it seems to be befriending my destiny the more. There were times I had to change locations, but this ill-fate followed me all through. Should I count the number of jobs done without result? Those who have jilted me for similar reasons and how I’ve been berated for being a failure? Most times, I have been told to give thanks to God for my situation and condition, but nothing seems to be working in my life. I only worship God at present because I only hope all may be well. Life has been unfair to me, I have never been lazy in my life. I have helped many in fulfilling their destinies, but it seems my own Joseph is a forgotten one. Nobody has ever given back to me. I pray all should end soon.

Dear reader, you may be in the same shoes with me too, but never pray for all to just end like that. No, that is just a miserable end, something not befitting of a person like you after giving several attempts and trials. In as much I would not like to repeat those encouraging words you’ve heard before to you, permit me to say, keep pushing and never push out of the road. Many people keep suffering for long because they’ve left the road by working in the wrong direction. The suffering may not end if you keep working tirelessly at the wrong direction. You need to stay focused and be very certain that you’re not doing whatever you’re doing just for the sake of making another man happy at the expense of your own peace.

An appointed work for your life is that which you do but never get tired or fed up of it. Even though the body may be weak but the spirit is very high demanding for more. The first step to ending suffering in a man’s life is finding lasing happiness in whatever he does, if not, he’s bound to die as a wretched fellow. When a man pursues his passion, he does it passionately as if his life is dependent on and that is the truth- his happiness revolves round it.

There is no form of suffering that ends with a person who is determined. A determined mind is a mind opened to great ideas and innovations; a mind ready to birth and nurture the impossible. There is no substitute to hardwork, most especially when done at the appropriate time and in the rightful manner. When focus, passion, determination, hardwork and prayers are taken as the needed virtues, then suffering becomes a thing of the past!


OKE, Babawale Simon is a graduate of the Department of English, University of Ibadan, Nigeria.


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