How I Almost Jumped Into A Well To Commit Suicide-Mr. Ibu

Nollywood Actor, John Okafor, popularly known as Mr. Ibu has narrated how he almost jumped into a well to commit suicide several years ago when the man he was living with at Ajao Estate area of Oshodi, Lagos, Southwest Nigeria threw him out of his house with his loads.

Mr. Ibu said he was frustrated and decided to end his life, but that the lyrics from the music of legendary Michael Bolton, titled: “When I am back on my feet again,” saved him from jumping into the well.
Mr. Ibu, who was a guest on Brilla FM with Murphy Ijemba, said his friend whom he was staying with at Ajao Estate suddenly decided to throw him out of his house, saying that he had already opened a well to jump inside when he heard the song from Michael Bolton being played from a neighbour’s house.
“I went back from where I was standing before and the guy who was living in the next building, he was playing Michael Bolton and the title of the song was “when I am back on my feet again.” I listened to it. I covered the well back, I went back closer and the man singing was talking to me straight. After I listened to that music, I said God would have hated me if I had killed myself. God would have driven me away from his kingdom. I would have been in hell,” he disclosed.

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