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LOVE is one of the words with the most diversified definitions on earth. It can be said to have billions of definitions, with each human on earth having their own definitions for this word. Some see it as a sensation caused by temptation, with a guy sticking to a girl at a destination to increase the population of the next generation. It is also seen as a mustard seed planted by the riverside of a female’s heart only watered into germination by a man.

Let’s consider this too: L-Look before you observe; O- Observe before you venture; V- Venture before you engage; and E- Engage before you marry. Some others see it as an ocean that flows from one lover to the other. As noted earlier, there are countless definitions of love, depending on individual experiences and encounter with the word.

Let’s at this point consider some practical meanings of love;

Love is when you take away the feeling, passion and romance, yet the care still comes from the person. It is when you have that special person; someone who affects your life positively, one who makes you smile like no other. Love is when you never imagine that you can develop affection for someone but you’re deeply lost in to them, and you cannot help but feel what you feel. Love is when your lover proclaims to you “In your beautiful eyes, I can see the great tenderness in your soul. I love being with you because you’re the source of the strength of my life” or “I have nothing without your love for me; nothing is the same in your absence. I love you and I only know that I will smile again if you’re with me.”

Many people say you can only fall in love once, but I’m telling you, that is not the truth, because at every moment you set your eyes on your lover, you fall in love without control.

Love is forgiveness. This is a sign of saying that the person that has wronged you is more valuable that the offence s/he has committed. Love takes every wrong-doing as a mistake, and love does not forget the beloved even by mistake. One’s world revolves round one’s lover, always busy with them and not having the time to think about the wrongs they’ve done to you.

Love is the satisfaction you see written over the face of your lover anytime you look at him/her. It becomes the drug you’re addicted to since the day one of your love affairs. It is when you are far apart and the beautiful memories you’ve shared illuminate the seemingly glooming days. No matter how many times you’ve slammed the door on your relationship, a man who truly loves you will give you his very best and then, some keep right by trying to win over your heart, even when you act like you don’t care.

Love is humble, generous, straightforward, gentle and patient, without complexities or pride. It endures all things. Love is leaning on one’s special person for the expression of the depth of one’s heart. It is like a rubber stretched at both hands by two lovers to make it more elastic; when one leaves it suddenly, it hurts the other.

Love is something special, a treasure to behold, while to some, love is blind. To me, this is not true because when you both fall in love, you see yourselves and feel the love shared, if not, it isn’t a true love.

What good is beauty and charming look without brains; money without happiness; a smile without feelings and a life without love? Love is a natural feeling PLANTED, WATERED, and DWELLS in the hearts of those who cherish it.

Love knows no reason and time; it has a resolved intent of bringing people together to a time called FOREVER! True love is not about

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finding a perfect soul, but it’s seeing a perfect one in the imperfect mankind. There is no relationship that is a bed of roses. Sometimes, we pass through hardships, a time to put every self-confessed love under test. And at times, it goes through fire in order for it to be purified and refined. When the word LOVE fully evolves, it becomes uncontrollable.

A person who loves you wouldn’t put you in a delicate position that can make them lose you. Above all, love supersedes all things!


ADESIYAN OLAYIWOLA OMOKEHINDE is a high school student. She resides in Ibadan and loves scribbling on relationship.



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