If you don’t see the bigger picture, you will miss the bigger future– Femi Emmanuel

There is nothing that kills faster than visionlessness, especially if one is born into the black continent where frustrations, repressions, and depressions override those with mountains of plans and aspirations. A man whose life is devoid of any plan is dead while still breathing. Until a man comes to a point whereby his life is being driven by activities consciously planned to take him to great pedestals and home of fulfilment, he’s not yet worthy of being regarded as a human.

There is a future we all desire, a level we hope earnestly every second to be at, an earthly eternal dwelling place for our hearts. This pictured and desired future is dependent on the wishes and aspirations of individuals.

While some work every day of their lives to become great and innovative engineers, some nurse political ambitions, hoping to one day be elected into the highest echelon in the land. Some have patterned their lives after books and would one day be addressed as professors. Whatever the plan(s) is/are, what matters most is the sense of fulfilment that drives us to their realisations.

It is very apt for me to add at this point that there is no bigger fulfilment or job than the other, the most important thing is maxisimising one’s potentials to become a force to be reckoned with in one’s endeavours; when one becomes a mentor and other people toiling along that path use you as a yardstick of achievement and fulfilment per time.

I do not desire a future where I will secretly or openly wish to have been in another’s place. That shows I’ve lived the whole of my life pursuing and reveling in another man’s way. My desired future would not be lived on the wishes of when I have second chance or “if I come to the world again.” That is nothing but pure regrets!

There are many who are living the unfortunate life pictured above. People who are visionless, those who just roam the streets of life to feed themselves and close relatives. That is not the purpose of existence; we do not live to surrender ourselves to whatever life offers us, but to be diligent enough to dictate to life what we want.

Life is not a bed of roses; nobody makes it on the basis of charity, if not through conscious planning, prayers and consistent hardwork. If we live our lives to wish and dream, we’ll become the perfect symbol of ridicule, dejection and frustration.

We all have a desired future but not all of us are prepared to pass through the undesirable path- that is the point where men are distinguished from boys, and where kings are set apart from servants. It just a point when the achiever mounts the podium and moves out of the crowd.

Dear reader, the point on your desired future is clear and straightforward. Dream, in fact, be frightened by your dreams, that is when they become real plans, but without hardwork, perseverance and being consistently committed to working the dreams out, they will remain a mirage and frustration will soon kill the dreamer. If we all work diligently to achieve the desired future, God’s kingdom will be established here on earth!

OKE, Babawale Simon is a graduate of the Department of English, University of Ibadan, Nigeria.


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