MANY ladies don’t even respect themselves, let alone people respecting them. When dating, if all you do is to table your requirements, then you’re at the risk of letting him walk away. This is just a fact you must accept. Also, many ladies of these days allow guys to get away with disrespecting them, putting in minimal efforts and holding out on the commitment to you because you always exercise the fear that he’s going to walk away and this will make you lonely. You need to change your strategies and master the rules of your game so as not to be teased or played around by anybody. How do these happen without having a negative aftermath? I mean reasons why the love must not decrease while you further your relationship.

Making a man to be really clear up front about what he wants out of his life and relationship with you. While trying to get into a relationship with a man, you should know what his plans are and how they fit into the key areas of his life. You should know who he is, what he does for a living and how much he makes. If you know what his plans are, you can easily assess if you can fit into them and the roles you can play in ensuring their realisations or if you may need to disassociate yourself from such plans. Unfortunately, many ladies won’t do this. You know that he doesn’t have plans for you and yet, you rush into a relationship with him, why? Are you in a relationship just for the sake of showing off?

How can you mingle with a man who has no clear plans for his life, and most especially you and you expect the love not to decrease? A man you should consider spending your time with is one who has great and achievable plans and most essentially, plans that you can see yourself being pictured in them.  You need to have a firm understanding of the kind of man you’re dealing with. For no reason should you hook yourself up with a man who has no plans, the love for him will definitely decrease at the long run.

Furthermore, love decreases when you realise that your man has no true feelings for you. If a man cannot tell you how he feels about you after being together for a while, it’s because he has no feelings for you, he just wants something from you- cupboard love. You have to ask yourself a lot of questions before you get deep into a relationship. If you realise his feelings for you don’t run very deep, that he’s not just there, then you need not to be there too. Don’t ever waste your time on a diminishing love.  Actually, a guy or lady’s behaviour can make love in a relationship to decrease, how? In a situation whereby a guy has many ladies tripping for him, and this is known to you too, whether you are pleased with it or not does not matter to him, then, you need not be told that you’re just plaything. A person who truly loves you would not put you in a position to go. Another situation is when a guy falls in love with another lady who is ready to offer all things— money, valuable materials and even her body— which you can’t afford to do, then, his love for you automatically decreases.

These instances are not limited to a guy alone. A situation whereby a guy is poor, and the lady volunteers to work for money to cater for both parties, but within a twinkle of an eye, she’s counting millions already and attributes this to oil and gas, then you should know that there are some men financing her behind the scenes, and this can make her love to you to be dwindled. This is because the lady has become dissatisfied with the standard and level of her lover. Gradually, the man begins to lose trust in her and then, problem begins to set in. if lovers are not made for each other, things may go well for them at the start of their affairs, but with time, things will start falling apart.

No doubt, I’m pretty sure that you’ve grabbed some valid reasons why love decreases during the course of most relationships.


ADESIYAN OLAYIWOLA OMOKEHINDE is a high school student. She resides in Ibadan and loves scribbling on relationship.


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