We have recorded monumental achievements in the last two years- APC Spokesman

The Publicity Secretary of the All Progressives Congress in Lagos state, Joe Igbokwe, said the ruling party has achieved monumentally in its two-year reign.

Joe disclosed this in an interview with the Vanguard.

The politician, however, noted that those achievements could only be seen with people with third eye.

Joe Igbokwe Credit: vanguardngr

“Though, people want to see achievements in terms of  money or food on their table, we have embarked on laying a very important foundation to transform Nigeria from a corrupt nation to a progressive one. If one does not have the third eye, he or she may not see it. We all know that corruption is a hydra-headed monster in this country,” he said.

While commenting on the chances of an Igbo emerging as a president in the country, Joe noted that the tribe does not know how to play politics of the land and that has been the barrier against their emergence.

“They (the Igbo) don’t understand Nigerian politics. And that is my problem with them. Nigerian politics is not business. After the demise of Yar Adua, what I expected the Igbo to do was to ask Jonathan to finish the four years of Yar Adua and allow the North to have their eight years. And by 2015, the President would have come to the South-East. They (Igbo) were cajoled with the belief that no one could defeat the incumbent,” Joe opined.

He revealed that 2023 is the appropriate time to produce a president from the Igbo extraction. While trying to entrench this, he waved away the comments of a former president of the country, Olusegun Obasanjo, who opined that the number seat should be given to a person from the Igbo extraction in 2019.

He said, “The time for the South-East is 2023.

“The ex-President is about creating another crisis for the South-East. The North will spend their eight years. I want the Igbo to understand that they must support others before they can also receive support. The North hasn’t finished their eight years. What the late Yar’Adua did wasn’t up to eight years. We want them to finish their two terms before we step in. If this is done, there will be no complaint  from northerners that they have been short-changed. There is a caveat for the Igbo to get  power and that is pitching their tent with APC.”

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