Corruption is never fighting back in Nigeria. It is just a case of higher level of corruption fighting a lower one. Truth be told, there is hardly any public administrator or public servant in the land that is not corrupt, even the number one citizen! Or how do we explain the immediate firing of a permanent secretary due to hidden allegations of corruption and the open support given to Babachir Lawal for inflicting more pains on Boko Haram victims? Is that not corruption on its own? Trying to say someone is not corrupt will only make one to be economical with the truth, thereby making one to be corrupt morally.

Magu has been rejected and rejected again, in fact, if the presidency still sends the name of Magu to the senate for confirmation, he would still be rejected, if not, every Nigerian should file up to the National Assembly and cast a stone at the law-makers for their initial giragira. There are multiple views to the rejection of Magu.


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THE Senate should be praised for once, not for any reason, but for standing their ground. They did not allow themselves to be cowed by the presidency; the goodwill of Buhari did not work for Magu in this case. Ali Ndume and his permutations failed. One thing is very crucial to know, the Senate should not be berated for every action of theirs. Consistently, we’ve renewed our efforts in calling the senate and the National Assembly in general unworthy names, even the one who put their legs on the path of corruption too. Who voted them in? whose children are in the senate? Have we ever as a people show worthy behaviour when it comes to electing leaders? Something is certain in Nigeria during elections, it is always a period of little harvest for the shallow minds for sowing sparingly during the planting season.

The only reason the Senate should be showered with praises is that they acted on the report of the State Security Service, at least, that was their hiding place. It could have been very belittling on their part to still go ahead in confirming Magu as the substantial chairman of EFCC after being indicted in a security report. The action of the Senate shows that they still have belief in the activities of the DSS, an attitude expected of them. The State Security Service is a very crucial department in the nation whose actions, suggestions and opinions cannot just be waved away. Take politics out of the whole saga, the Senate has done well.


WHO can hear the heartbeat of the President on this case? Please, share it with the world. Daura is the head of the DSS and our President hails from Daura. If the President is keen on using Magu as the head of the anti-graft agency, I think all he needs to do is to call his kinsman and solve the issue. The report can actually be reported.

The situation of Nigeria shows all agencies dance to the tune of the President’s music. But then, it seems the number one citizen himself is
confused on this issue. If Buhari continues with his double standard on this issue, his
administration will soon suffer for it. His main strength, anti-corruption war, will soon be defeated and people would start questioning the essence of the administration.    Daura cannot be frustrating the efforts of an illustrious son of Daura through his indicting reports.


NIGERIA is the only place where positive actions give you negative effects. Magu’s achievements should have paved way for him. The man is doing well. EFCC is functioning every minute and funds are being recovered both day and night. Cankerworms of corruption cases are being opened every second and most part of the nation are hailing the efforts of the commission. The man behind these tremendous successes should actually be allowed to continue. He must be given the needed support to succeed the more; he must be allowed to reveal the enemies of the common man to the world, those who hid our monies in their homes, those who delivered conflicting judgements to forsake the people for the sake of themselves alone, those kept us in perpetual darkness for decades, those who turned servanthood to priesthood overnight. We must reveal them to the world.

Magu has achieved a lot in this aspect and seems not to be tired. He must not be depressed. The DSS must give him fair-hearing on the allegations levelled against him, even the EFCC invites you for interrogation before being detained. But then, nobody appears to put the interest of the nation first. Most of these senators who said Magu failed ‘integrity test’ don’t know anything about integrity. The case of Mr Fix it still roams about in our minds. Most of them don’t have constituency office, yet, they receive the money meant for that at all times and spend them for things unprofitable to the constituents. What of constituency projects?

Just some weeks ago, a senator from south-west called for the legalisation of corruption in the land, showcasing himself as a direct offspring of stealing is not corruption.  One wonders if a thief ever steals for good. Many of these senators have one case or the other to answer with the anti-graft agency. Do we now expect the hunted to empower the hunter? No, it doesn’t happen anywhere! This is a war of survival and the fittest survives the turbulent storm. The Senate is synonymous to corruption and they won’t allow anybody to tame them.

The problem lies with Nigerians on this. We elect people without giving considerations to their antecedents. They tell us all sorts of lies and we rely on them instead of making efforts to know their true colour and elect people whose integrity has not be tainted, we follow popularity, forgetting that evil things gain the popularity among the blacks more than any other thing. Higher corruption is fighting back from the red chamber.


ALL being said and reasoned, where do we head to from here? What is the fate of our dear nation? The submission of members of the senate is that after the rejection of Magu, he should cease to be the head of the anti-graft agency, but immediately after his rejection, Magu noted that that won’t distract him from carrying out his duties. To him, he sees the drama with the senate as just a comic-relief to the tragic acts perpetrated on the nation. The Senate is trying to show their power by saying no to Magu, but Magu may head EFCC till the end of this administration if the constitution is silent on how long a person may function in an acting position.

The common man must not suffer for a trivial issue as this. The politics that should be staged has been staged and the winner is known already. There are many other people that can function effectively and more efficiently than Magu. Let the presidency nominate another person for the job. Nobody is indispensable and the continued re-nomination will only affect the administration and Nigeria as a whole. Corruption spreads its fluttering wings all over, it roars around and inducts even the unborn into its fold. It is multi-faceted; how it works goes beyond human imagination. It must be tamed, not by those in high places, but by the common resolution of the oppressed.


OKE, Babawale Simon is a graduate of the Department of English, University of Ibadan, Nigeria.

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