Men are not the same. What a man sees and attracts him to you may be what another sees and pisses him off, after all, it is said that one man’s food is another man’s poison. There are lots of things that attract men.

The first thing a man is attracted to is the way you dress. There is a popular saying that the way you dress will determine the way you would be addressed. This is real to a large extent. When a man see you dress well, I’m telling you, he’ll get lost right from his thinking faculties. When a lady dresses up and her man sees her that she looks smart, gorgeous, cute and good-looking, his brain wires begin to touch uncontrollably. That will make your man carve out a unique title for you. And you know ladies are all about jealous and being valued by their men. That means there is something special he sees in you that makes him adore you in such a way. And may I tell you, all what he has seen is your dressing. Ladies, always make sure decently and charmingly. Don’t just wear anything. Let your dressing interest your man. Always wear clothes that make you look smart and good. We all have our favourite outfits, then we don’t you try it on? Let good dressing be a part of you.

Another thing that attracts a man to you is your rhetorics. Most ladies of these days are deficient in English. Your local dialect should not reflect while you speak English. Some level of standardisation should be aimed at while you speak the language. If you’re a native of Ibadan for instance, you shouldn’t mix your local hard dialect with English. You speaking English does not debar you from being articulate and proficient in your mother tongue. And if you know you’re not really good in English and you want to improve on yourself, if you won’t mind going through the stress and spending just a token, you may do well to contact 08066523465. If that is done, within the space of eight weeks or less, you would have become rebranded in it and you become a hot cake for the guys. And if you know you don’t have the wherewithal of doing the above, try relating with educated minds, don’t be far from the calibre of the literates and with conscious efforts, the improvements gradually come. I am not saying that English is the only medium of trapping men down, but when you know a potent tool of hooking a client down, then you use it in getting him.

Furthermore, what men see that attracts them is one’s behaviour. It’s so unfortunate that ladies of these days are not well-trained, although some are properly trained but decided to walk away from the path of ethics. Your dressing, language and other charming ways are nothing if you don’t have good character to complement them. Your character defines you. Your prestige is when your dressing and language attract a man, then your behaviour should hook him to you till eternity. All things being equal, what is known now is known forever. Ladies please, be of a good behaviour.

A lady who makes a man behaves as a gentleman, you are such a lady to him!


ADESIYAN OLAYIWOLA OMOKEHINDE is a high school student. She resides in Ibadan and loves scribbling on relationship.

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