This question has become a cliché in our society. Everybody argues to prove themselves as the caring partner in a relationship. While trying to give a straightforward answer to this question, I will try to be as fair as possible, you know I’m not a hermaphrodite now (smile).

Actually, both parties care in a relationship, but the cares of one supersede the other. Remember I once said in one of my articles that the beauty of love is to look into someone’s eyes and see the love the person has for you clearly written over their face. There is no better feeling a person can feel other than this because real love can’t be stolen. Everyone in love when asked how long they want to be in that affair, they quickly echo forever. Everybody needs somebody, that is the first code of love. It is rare to see someone say he/she doesn’t love you if you ask them.

Someone will definitely hold you forever, wait for you till dawn even if it is the darkest moment of your life. Nobody wants to live without someone by their side— we all want to be loved. We want someone to always think of us, dream of us, text and ring us unnecessarily. In a bid to prove that both parties care for the other in a relationship, I tried to enumerate how both parties help in my last piece. A lover shines you up when you’re dusty and defend you when even the evidence at their disposal are not convincing to they themselves. They hang on every word of yours, that is the main thrust of every relationship- trust!

Anybody that does the above-listed is a person who really cares in a relationship.

Okay, you’ll agree with me that ladies are very tenderly and show love in its real meaning. Even though they are not perfect; they hurt, but when they say sorry, they mean it in its whole essence. In every dispute of love, ladies don’t find it difficult to tender their apologies. Ladies are ‘all-in-all.’ They always surrender everything they have to men they are in love with.

Also, ladies are trustworthy. They purge out all the truth in their mind when it comes to serious issues in a relationship. They are 98% caring and loving. If you doubt this, cast your mind back to the roles of a mother in a family, and then you’ll see how caring ladies can be. They care without nagging; they do all they can in order to satisfy their lovers. If ten people care for you, you will discover that a large percentage of them are ladies. And if a person cares for you, no doubt that is a lady, or better still, he’s a man with a heart of a lady. If no one cares for you, meaning that you’ve shut the door against all the ladies in your world.


ADESIYAN OLAYIWOLA OMOKEHINDE is a high school student. She resides in Ibadan and loves scribbling on relationship.



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