The Person You Need to Succeed

Everything on this planet earth may not be about money, but every endeavour is all about success. A man who is just focused on giving a trial to every project without setting any success target at every point in time is bound to die a mediocre. And the worst thing that can ever happen to a man is for him to die as a mediocre. This is because billions of people in the world are treading that path and you were not created to be like any other person. What I am trying to say at this point is, without recognising one’s purpose in life and fulfilling it, one becomes miserable in all facets of life.

Dear reader, it’s a new week, and I wish to share with your heart what you need to get your aims accomplished in life. The most disdainful being in the society is a person without plans, so if you fall into that category, this does not belong to you.

According to Femi Emmanuel, the ladder of success does not care who climbs it. This is the simple truth about making it in life. The road to success does not discriminate sex, gender, colour, occupation or age, it gives an open cheque to the most-determined and focused in every field. Invariably, anybody who is determined to succeed, can easily do that. Why then has some parts of the world become synonymous to failure? There are many societies of the world today who are tied down by superstitious beliefs, negative mindset and retrogressive acts. The above listed are the propellers of poverty and failure.

Success belongs to those can dare; those who can move beyond the scope of the societal set standards and those whose mind cannot be easily tuned away from optimism and positive thoughts. There are many people who wished to have been born to other continents, countries or families in order to have recorded laudable success in life, but let me echo it that those are the pacifying wishes of those who live in abject poverty of mind and whose minds are blocked to great ideas. The truth I must leave you with is that, living in a challenge-riddled society is a propeller of success on its own. In such a society, there are many problems to solve than any other place. Many people have died miserably because they lived the most substantial and useful part of their lives under another man’s success.

In the same vein, there are many people who have given up on their plans due to the irritating phrase of “no helper.” The basic truth I want you to get from me today is that you need no any other person from YOU in order to become a phenomenal success! I mean it all revolves around YOU. I am not saying you can succeed outside of people, for the fact that we are social beings is a pointer to the fact that people must contribute to your success at one point or the other.

However, you don’t have to start listing people who must help you in order to succeed; that is the beginning of failure. Human beings are the most unreliable creatures in the world, especially in the black continent. Dear reader, if you can motivate the YOU in YOU, then success is inevitable. What every man needs to succeed has been deposited in them. The only job left for us is to harness our God-given potentials at the right time and succeed.

Dear friends, the ONLY person you need to SUCCEED is hardwork, perseverance, humility, honesty, persistence and determination. If any of your siblings or relations does not bear any of the above listed virtues, your success is not dependent on them! And if there is, it is just accidental. Never lose hope in yourself. Complacency kills both the vision-bearer and the vision itself, never allow complacency to set in.

See you at the top!


OKE BABAWALE SIMON is a graduate of the Department of English, University of Ibadan, Nigeria.

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