Turning Point (Exodus 3:8)

It’s another Sunday, may it be known for good and true salvation. Today, we are about to consider an important topic that marks the difference between those who know God and those who have decided not to know Him.

Turning point is said to be a time when an important change takes place, usually, with the result that a situation improves. No doubt, all men crave for improvement in their daily activities; everybody wants to move higher than where they are. However, there is no improvement or major change that comes on a platter of gold. There are processes and procedures to be followed in order to get the desired result.

 As Christians, recording laudable improvements on every activity done is a confirmation of the inheritance we have in Christ Jesus. But the necessary question that opens the door is ‘Are you a Christian?’ The first step to being a Christian is when one is saved. This means that one has resolved to imbibe the ways of Christ, without putting on man’s selfish desires. Apart from confession and repentance, which is seen as the first step to salvation, one must be ready to share in His death (Romans 6:1-3; 12 and 13). Further, one must be obedient to the spirit, for more on this, read my last week article on Total Obedience. What we must understand is that, God’s spirit and desires are clearly different from ours, we must then submit to His will (Gal. 5:16-18; 22-25). Dear reader, have you killed your selfish desires?

Another major step to take is turning to the ways of God. After killing the desires of the flesh, it is not just okay to wait, you must also make conscious efforts to walk in His ways. There was a turning point in the life of Saul when he was changed to Paul and the Lord chose him (Acts 9:15). What helped Paul to succeed greatly was that, he obeyed God’s bidding after he was arrested (saved) by God. In the same vein, as Christians, we are expected to obey the biddings of the Father. First, by having faith in Him (Heb. 11:3) and also, by obeying His commands. The first universal instruction God gave to mankind is to be fruitful and multiply (Gen. 1:28). The consequence of not obeying this instruction is found in John 15:2. God does not tolerate idleness. The kingdom work is so enormous that anybody who claims to be part of the project will in any way show an iota of laziness. Being fruitful and multiplying means expanding God’s kingdom on earth by our daily living.

However, our faith and obedience alone do not transcend to manifesting God’s greatness, rather, a conscious effort towards that direction is required from us.

  1. Plan with time (Eccl. 3:1 and 2). There is no how a human who does not respect time will experience turning point in their life. Everything in this world is tied down to time. Your God-given ideas, if not timely harnessed, would serve as a source of fame to another person. There is time for everything under heav
           Credit: ucg.org

    en. One must be very careful when it comes to executing projects in relation to timing. One must not rush beyond the Maker, neither should the Maker go ahead of you. You must walk with God in getting it done in the right manner.

  2. Study at all times (2 Timothy 2:15 and 16). A very vital way to eschew worthless activities is through studies. A committed reader is a potential leader, says Femi Emmanuel. Your ways to greatness are clearly outlined in that book you’ve ignored for long. How God is prepared to solve that issue is clearly written in that book you’ve been complaining of not having money to purchase. Your next movement towards victory is another man’s story, get their books and ease your way to success.

Having done the above-listed points, there is bound to be practical manifestation of God’s greatness in a man’s life. This is known as TURNING POINT.  This is because it is the promise of God. 2 Chronicles 2:5 resonates this. The God we serve is greater than all other gods, and you, as a temple of the greatest God, must be great. And I conclude with Exodus 3:8 where God’s promises concerning the Israelites are explicitly stated. If it is the promise of the Father to bring you to a land filled with good things and honey, then, you must have realised that you are unstoppable. The grace to abide in Him when the great increase comes, the Father shall release unto you. See you next week on this same platform.


OKE, Babawale Simon is a member of Livingspring Chapel International, he worships at Dominion City, the church’s headquarters at Ibadan.


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