Father sleeps with 15-year-old daughter for N500

A 15-year-old girl had on Thursday, narrated in tears how her 42-year-old father had been sleeping with her sister and her for the past two years when their mother left home.

According to Vanguard, the poor girl said her father gives her N500 each time he wants to sleep with her.

The father of the girl, simply known as I. D Idowu, was arrested in Lagos after a concerned neighbour reported the case to the police.

It was learnt that the wife of the man had left her matrimonial home when she discovered that her husband was having carnal knowledge with their 17-year-old daughter. She said her husband had insisted that she should not leave with any of their daughters who were aged 17, 13 and 8 respectively.

The eldest child left home when she could not bear the abuse on her body again, leaving her younger ones to their fate. The second child accused her father to have been sleeping with her for the past two years.

“My father started sleeping with me two years ago, while I was 13 years. The first time he came, he gave me N500 and forced himself on me,” said the poor girl.

It was gathered that a curious neighbour interrogated the girl and she opened up, consequent upon which her father was arrested.

The mother of the victim lamented at the station that she left her husband due to that same attitude and did not remarry. She requested that her children be allowed to live with her.

The suspect denied the allegation saying his daughter only fabricated the lies because she was scolded.

The child, however, interrupted her father, saying “Daddy, why not tell the truth. You know you are lying. You have slept with me three times.”

The victim had been taken to a medical centre for necessary medical check-ups and treatment and will proceed from there to a medical home where she would continue her education.

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