Many ladies do cry in their relationships; some will even feel like committing suicide at some point. WHY? Simple, they are not happy with their man!

The ugly part of the situation is that some men don’t even care when their lady cries. They don’t see it as a taboo, and this is too bad.

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WHY DO LADIES CRY? The first reason a lady cries in a relationship is when her man refuses to give her the needed attention. Ladies so much cherish attention that whenever a man gives them at the needed rate, they feel so much on top of the world— they are super happy! Unfortunately, men of these days seem not to have time for their ladies again; they prefer having talks and gossips with their friends to being with their lady. Some even say, after football, every other thing can now come, what a pitiable scenario. When you know you can’t give a lady the needed attention, why did you make the move to date her at first? The first action every responsible guy should take at the beginning of every relationship is to dedicate his attention to his lady.

Also, ladies do cry in relationship because ‘their men don’t love them as they do.’

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Men of these days don’t love their ladies in reciprocal manner because they see ladies as objects of imperfection. But if I may ask, who is that perfect human on earth? The truth of the matter is that, there are no better feelings she can feel than this- a lady loves endlessly. Some ladies even go out of their imaginable conveniences to please their men. A lady passionately loves her man. Unfortunately, most men don’t do this; they prefer making ladies to suffer for them. If a lady loves you, no matter the number of people they meet and their status, their feelings for you will never be questionable. Men, please, love your ladies as they do to you too. Don’t make them regret having you by their side. Love them; cherish, protect and stand up for them.

Further, ladies cry in a relationship because their man “doesn’t understand them.” What really matters most

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in a relationship is mutual understanding. If understanding is lacking, you can’t cope with each other. Men, understand your ladies, don’t let them feel deserted because of your attitude. Ladies cry whenever they feel lonely in a relationship. ‘loneliness’ is a terrible word that ladies don’t want to hear. How would a lady be in a relationship and still be lonely? So, what is the essence of being in a relationship then? Nobody is born to be alone (we are all social beings). Dear men, I appeal to you, if you know you won’t always be there for her, please don’t start any relationship with her.

Another reason ladies shed tears in a relationship is when their guy refuses to trust them. Why would she tell

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you something and you still doubt it? This makes her head ache; she is pained to the marrow due to your disbelief. Unfortunately, lack of trust seems the to be the bedrock of relationships these days. There are just few worthy men who still have trust in their ladies. Ladies now find it very difficult to say anything that men will believe.

Oh ye men, always trust your babes! Know what they are capable of doing and not. What is the essence of living if not to make the world a more comfortable place for all to live? Ladies, cheer up. I know with this piece, there are bound to be changes; happiness will become inevitable in your relationship.

ADESIYAN OLAYIWOLA OMOKEHINDE is a high school student. She resides in Ibadan and loves scribbling on relationship.



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