When Justina came into my life, she never told me she was in for a total transformation of my life and being, neither was I informed by my emotions either. This lady came when I needed her most and since then, has decided not to go again. I have revelled and confided in her all through and she bears with me through thick and thin.

A particular incident that caught my attention with trepidation was the day I fell sick. I was sick both materially and financially, and my world almost came to an end! I almost questioned the essence of human existence. While waiting for any eventuality and a wretched one in that wise, there came a beam of unexpected hope from her. She cuddled me with love and returned my joy. She said “John, what seems lacking today comes in its abundance tomorrow and not only that, the deserted land of today may be the virgin land of tomorrow.” To me, those words served as a partial remedy for my ailment; at that point, I’ve lost hope and needed someone to reassure me of a better future.

But beyond the soothing words, I needed the actualisation of these words! My enlivened heart almost reversed to its ugly state before the awaited good news came. She gave me a reassuring smile, pecked me continuously and whispered “daddy said he has an international business for you.” I never bothered to ask of the nature of the business and what my gain would be. I was just happy because she had worked me out of my idleness; the world would get to know me and purpose fulfilment is beginning to manifest its way. I stood up from my sick bed and within a twinkle of an eye, the sickness was gone! It never lingered beyond that and what seemed to have defied doctors’ prescription was back to its normal state.

Then, the words flowed from my mouth uncontrollably “honey, I need to get dressed up and see your dad before the day runs out.” She smiled again and admonished “calm down.” These words hit me so hard that I asked “What greater love has a lady for her man than this?” Tears rolled down my cheeks and she wept too. I controlled myself, drew her nearer, kissed her and thereafter gave her a hopeful smile! She looked at me smiled back and rested on my chest. After a long time of silence, a call from an unknown individual came through her mobile phone and interrupted the solemn assembly.

She rejected the call and accepted my love! When it seemed the standing was becoming unending, I walked her

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majestically to a chair, and there we sat, staring at each other again, reading the signs on each other’s faces and so the mime continued until she broke the silence. The words came shockingly to me, it started as questions and then, became rooted in me through deep thinking. She said “So, if I had not told you of the imaginary daddy’s business appointment with you, you would have died in bed? Does it mean that nothing I have done for you so far is worthy of enlivening your soul? It seems I’ve become irritating to you and you no longer value me.” After saying these words, I muttered heavily to her that “My love for you has always been expressed on the surface of my lips for the past one decade. I have nothing to show to you as a sign of appreciation and I need to think of my future beyond this show of light love.” She asked bluntly “Should I call it a day with you then so as to give you the opportunity to think of your life?”

Without waiting for my response, she packed her loads, and moved uncontrollably with her traveller’s bag, a bag that was almost mistaken as mine due to its duration in my apartment, to open the door. Fortunately for me, she lost her mind through that process and could not open the door and after giving many trials and all seemed to have been fruitless, she broke down at the door and before she could notice, I was behind her, she was tickled but not moved! As she turned to me, she echoed, “Leave my loveless life alone!” and as I thought that what was the essence of any life of affluence and materialism without love, I woke up from my sleep and the dream ended!


OKE, BABAWALE SIMON writes in from Ibadan. He is a graduate of English from Nigeria’s foremost University, the University of Ibadan. He can be reached at any time via or +2348066523465.

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