How Parents Feel on Discovering that their Daughter has a Boy-lover

It is so unfortunate that parents of nowadays don’t longer for passion for their children. So many African parents prefer beating their children when they wrong them instead of speaking intimately into their heart so that they can know the cause of their offence. If this is done, one may discover that one does not need to beat the child for such an offence after all.  But they won’t do that; they would rather put an unforgettable mark on their children’s body and resonate that ‘that will remind you of the bad thing you’ve done.’ Some will even say, ‘you will show it to your grandchildren.’ All these all are not supposed to be.

Not every offence that a child commits requires merciless beatings; some only require counselling. Parents, I pray you won’t birth a daughter to whom a guy will not say, ‘I like you’ likewise ‘I love you’. It is expedient on parents to allow their children have an experience of what the world is; they should not be placed under bondage at all times. African parents of these days are so harsh that they do not want to see any guy beside their daughters! To them, such a guy does not have any other plan but ‘to spoil and damage the future’ of their daughters. The question is, are they all visionless? The fact is there are some guys out there who just want to help without nursing any ulterior motive against the girl child.

Parents, let your female children mingle with their male counterparts, mind you not all the female children are good too. It is very good for the female child to listen to her parents, show them the kind of friends she walks with and what they are made up of. The girl child should be able to confide in her mother without exercising fears because every mother is an embodiment of experience.

Guys, all these are not written in order to support you; I am only trying to let our parents have an understanding of who the female child is. It was said in some sections that before one can be in any relationship, one must have clocked 18, but things have changed these days. Sincerely, I’ve a teenager of 15 whose relationship is even deep, intimate, lovely and interesting than that of the older folks who are taken to have mature.

Notwithstanding, love Is a respecter of everybody. Many African parents are not usually comfortable seeing their young daughters in a relationship, this is what is not achieved in the western world. Dear female child, if you know that your parents won’t approve of you being in a relationship at your age, bear with them in order to enjoy sound peace. That is how it works in our own world! Very soon, freedom comes your way, and to best maximise it depends solely on you.


ADESIYAN OLAYIWOLA OMOKEHINDE is a high school student. She resides in Ibadan and loves scribbling on relationship.

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