The age in which we are in is very pathetic. Everyone has gone mad I must say save little sanity among the unlearned and less privileged. Education liberates however, having access to school has left us in a stagnant river of stupidity.

Every country has its problem therefore Nigeria’s case is not exceptional. However, what differs Nigerians from other countries is that we are laudable noisemakers. I remember quite well in my primary and secondary school days, pupils/ students would be making noise and suddenly everywhere becomes silent without a propeller but it never lasts. It only reminds me of my dear country. For a time, we would complain, wail and engage in verbal attacks against our so called “woes” but suddenly, we would keep quiet , move on, live again as if we have never been hurt like a heartbroken lady would do once she falls in love again.

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That is not a sign of strength or the silence of overcomers. It is a silence that echoes, “We will endure too.” A friend had once told me that Nigeria should be re-named ENDURANCE. We have always tried to endure situations that would not disappear without a fight for ‘the best way to fight a problem is to fight a problem’.

It is the era of change but there has been little or no change because we have always lifted our eyes to the wrong hills.

Man, look upon thyself for everyone for has made a contribution however minute to this problem.  The learned, the unlearned, leaders and subjects, rich and poor, young and old; all have to answer to this.

I remember a piece of information which went viral during the planned protest of famous artiste; TUFACE. It was said that an American artiste offers scholarship to two kids yearly which in another way telling TUFACE to emulate such rather than rant unnecessarily.

The truth of the matter is that every day, someone somewhere is exploiting and abusing and that is one of the reasons we are still here.

And it reminds me of a scenario in the premier university of Nigeria,  Faculty of Arts where I saw a girl who could not be beyond the age bracket of 4-6 with a baby strapped to her back. Within the faculty of letters was a girl on a Thursday morning who ought to be in a classroom but there she was as a baby sitter while the mother of the baby was in a class receiving lectures. I had a feeling of anger swelled up in me for many reasons.

One, that child is a victim of another person’s circumstances. That child ought to be in school but had been brought to a university environment to babysit.

Another is the fact that that child has her own life to live rather than being made to use it to patch up the mistake of someone who did not consider her studies before allowing someone to put her in the family way.

How can someone who claims to be educated abuse a child of such age?

Fortunately for me, I met the girl in a General Studies (GES) class later in the day and I took a step to interrogate her

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and she pointed to this same lady as the one who brought her to school. According to her, they are neighbours , she could not go to school due to school fees. I asked about her parents and she said her mother was at home while her father had travelled to London; the mother told her so.

She has other sibling; two are training at a shop, she is here at the premier university to babysit while the fourth child of the family was at home. What a generation that is about to be another added problem if no measures are taken.

The studying mother who had brought an innocent child to school is simply an example of an exploiter. She had a choice to either correct the situation of this child who ought to be in school or let her be rather than exploiting such.

There are many people like her somewhere whose actions or inactions have a positive or negative ripple effect on our dear existence as country.

According to Malcolm Ross, a certified Financial Planner, “We do not own the planet, its environment, its communities or its neighbourhood, but if we do not look after them and leave them better off after our passing, then we leave it worse off for our kids and grandkids” .

IS THAT WHAT WE WANT? The author of this article only prays that the student-mother would correct her actions.

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