The Oddity of Life is your Strength!

Have you been looking despair, dejected and abandoned? Well, someone may say there is economic downturn in most countries of the world and as such, looking sober has become an attribute of many people. NO! It shouldn’t be so. God has put everything within our reach in order for them to do our bidding. Therefore, even those events, happenings and situations we’ve allowed to depress us were badly managed.

The truth that must be established is that the oddity of life of every man serves as their propeller to success. Just some few days ago, I was sent a private message about a man who warned people not to grumble or murmur at the unsatisfactory services rendered to them by people again. Does he mean we should keep mute in the face of displeasure and disgusting treatment by service providers at all platforms? NO! He only echoed OPPORTUNITY through that. And that is the whole essence of life.

Why should you hurt yourself with grumbling and hatred for services rendered to you? Truly, it’s an oddity, but it can be turned around to become an old thing, only if you see the mission of the vision. To be apt, if you are dissatisfied with a service rendered to you, then, it becomes a great opportunity for you to venture into that business and provide a superb result for prospective clients and they will never cease to come. We should never be depressed by issues that their solutions lie within our reach!

The above scenario is just a case of using one’s odd as a source of strength. The odd may come in any form. In some cases, it may be trying to get something done, yet resistance is met all over the way. The truth about such a condition is that, once, you find a lasting solution to it, fame becomes synonymous to your name. For the things that weigh down the poor and foolish are those things that strengthen the rich and wise.

Many people do try to dodge from the odds of life, and lo, they die as mediocre and powerless individuals. Thomas Fuller said “All things are difficult before they are easy” If you are not ready to go through difficulties in order to come out refined, then the crude you will continually lie desolate. Note that I am not emphasising or preaching going about the business of life without exercising caution, but there are some mountains that prayers do not move, they have to be climbed! Climbing a mountain is an odd, but the strength that comes after it takes away the pains.

Dear beloved, the message that should sink into your head this week is that you must look within to tap into hidden resources for outer success. The mess you see all over you should serve as a means on inspiration for you to carve out something beyond description from it. Always remember that those odds like despair, depression, lack, long suffering, sickness and a host of others will only disappear when you are ready to climb mountains and see beyond the ordinary.


OKE BABAWALE SIMON is a graduate of the Department of English, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria.

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