People with Down Syndrome: Another Special Life?

People with down syndrome live within an improper condition and deformities. Though their day to day activities are characterised by love, care, affection and deep liking. People who are agile and of different dexterity might give them unsuitable look through various expressions, but the exuberance within their souls, will sometimes defeat an average competent mind. The condition which they found themselves in might look unlucky; they want to live the usual life most of us lead but their fate with the supreme is meant to be unusual.

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They are sometimes and even mostly not the cause of their misfortune but the state which they unconditionally found themselves in is beyond their influence. This down syndrome may be as a result of disease from childhood, as a result of an irresponsible woman trying to terminate the pregnancy or might sometimes come as a natural fate and phenomenon. For the fact that they have been like that does not mean we should disregard them. Everybody is special before God; we are all unique but they living within the circle of another special life, is what makes the difference.

We should always show them love, we should always pray for them, we should always give them gift and most importantly, spend quality time with them, making them fell loved, needed and cared for. People are out there who are happy even with unusual condition. They are called ” special” but we are all special before God, though they might be special within us. But for the fact that they are special does not mean that they should marry a special school, they should toast a special apprenticeship, they should date

a special house and apartment, that is absolutely NO! They can also win scholarships, attend universities, learn in a conducive environment.

Since we call them “special”, why can’t they live in a special duplexes and mansions, why must we write articles for government to see before their annihilated learning environment are rehabilitated; our society must be getting it wrong. Two special people, both with sight defect, saved the contact of their boss on their phones without making any mistake- without blooper. They walked about 3 kilometres down to where they would board bike.

Meanwhile, somebody who sees properly cannot save phone number properly on her phone, should I talk of the grammatical

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blunders or the mysterious way it was saved? She is also special because she needs a mental knowledge reorder. Then, why should we continue to postulate that people with down syndrome are the only special beings and have no good whatsoever to offer the society? Along Lagos-Ibadan expressway some few days ago, a well-educated man, who sees properly and during the day, hit his car at one of the road blocks, is it that he did not see the block or he just felt like hitting it? Please who is special? Let’s try to show each other love, care and affection, because everybody is special before God. We are all not perfect; we are only fortunate to be whatever we are now. The roles could have been exchanged. Let’s love those that live within the special bounds around us; don’t vilify their condition. It is not their will.


 FAMUYIWA ADEKUNLE SOLOMON is a lover of arts. He likes meditating and reflects on life happenings a lot.


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