Does Money Really Matter in a Relationship? By Adesiyan Kehinde

Often, I do see posts on Facebook where some people will say “money answereth and doeth all things.” This seems to be more rampant among the youth. And sadly, they tend to be the victims of ‘no money, no love.’ Occasionally, guys do propose to you whether physically or via social media platforms. Afterward, you later discovered that almost all of them still live in penury, and due to this, they were all ignored. Is this how things should be?

If you abandon or reject a guy because he is not rich, you’ve really made the wrong decision on relationship. This rash attitude should never be allowed among the youth. Does money answereth and doeth all things? NO! To be truthful, some ladies have turned guys to Mega Money Spender (MMS), regular ATM and all sorts of hypocritical forms of income earning means which is not supposed to be. A guy should not be your source of income. Most of the guys out there were not born with silver spoon. Although it’s good to help each other in a relationship, but there are ways these helps can be rendered without involving money. The point emphasised here is that money should not be at the centre of a well-intended relationship.

Money is inconsequential in the face of true love, understanding, intimacy and commitment. You being in a relationship with a poor guy doesn’t mean you are a nitwit, but only proves how mature and contented you are as a lady. A responsible guy knows his responsibilities and what he ought to do for you. You shouldn’t be too demanding; let him perform his roles. And what really matters most is your endurance. As a lady, you should be able to endure most situations. Your being hooked up to a guy should not be primarily defined by money. Choose to live with him, not minding hearsay and gossips and don’t ever be too far away from him. Assist him at all times. Don’t feel ashamed about what he does for you; never make him depressed but rather, appreciate him from the depth of your heart.

Remember, at least one out of every ten that care for you is a guy. You putting all these into practice will definitely give you a healthy, long-lasting relationship instead of money-driven affairs that lead nowhere.


ADESIYAN OLAYIWOLA OMOKEHINDE is a high school student. She resides in Ibadan and loves scribbling on relationship.


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