Vitamin that Helps You Breathe without Stress by Eyitayo Ilori

Vitamin C could open your lungs airways in preventing the coughing and wheezing that sometimes accompany exercise. Working out causes shortness of breath among 10% of all people and up to 50% of competitive athletes, but popping just 500 to 1000mg of Vitamin C slashes symptoms of bronco contrition, i.e. airways tighten by 50% compared to a placebo.

Exercise causes your body to release histamine and other compound data can cause the muscle tissue around your lungs to tighten and contract. Some findings indicate Vitamin C may limit that muscle-tissue-tightening response to histamine compounds.

Vitamin C is safe and inexpensive and while it’s not going to replace your inhaler anytime soon and trying 1000mg of Vitamin C two hours before you work out if you suffer from breathing difficulties is very helpful. Although the USDA recommends 90mg of Vitamin C daily, one can safely take up to 200mg without worrying about side effects like diarrhoea or nausea.

The Vitamin C is water soluble, so one’s body flushes out water one does not need with the aid of the Vitamin.


EYITAYO ILORI is a secondary school student in Ibadan, Nigeria. She aims to pursue a career along the medical line.

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