Life: A Tranquil Glance by Famuyiwa Solomon

A tranquil glance,

Coming with a humid moisture,

That rolls in a sudden chance,

And comes to me in a rough mixture

Of a watery and heartful cry.


But a happy cry,

Of a little being

Created by the Supreme

To play its part in human wickedness

Within its six score sojourn.


But to the surprise of beings,

He took all life simplicity


Upon his own head,

Even when the little cab

That drove his head to life

Left without saying farewell.

But within a score,

The luck to make the being happy

Comes in a tranquil glance,

But in the absence of the cab

That drove him to life.


In the middle of the night,

The then ambassador of good sermon

Talked with the little being now grown,

Now full of happiness,

Life is nothing but a tranquil glance,

To those who play its simplicity role.


FAMUYIWA ADEKUNLE SOLOMON is a lover of arts. He likes meditating and reflects on life happenings a lot.

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