Breaking the Yoke of Impossibility by Oke Babawale Simon

There is nothing as frustrating as having a great deal of ideas and lacking the wherewithal to implement these ideas. No doubt, if not all, many people dream of greatness on a daily basis, but just few people see to the fulfilment of their dreams. There are reasons for this seemingly rampant failure. This piece is set out to discuss some practical ways out of this common societal problem that has held most people in the dark continent back since time immemorial.

Develop a positive mindset. This is the first quality needed by anyone who wants to do the impossible. Once the mindset is rightly positioned, the whole world is conquered already. The problem with most people is that they brood more on the negative aspects of their intended endeavours than the positive. They want a world devoid of risk(s) and other sides! It does not work that way. It should be understood that what the mind can conceive, it can achieve. Every great and laudable invention we see today started from the mind. If you don’t mind the negative, it won’t man you. What positive mindset does to you is that, it does not allow your thoughts to degenerate into worries, rather, it serves as an enthusiastic p

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ropeller of your dreams.

Start well. After conceiving the right dreams under the control of positive thoughts, the next step is to take a practical step of starting well. Remember that a dream only exists in the realms of the imagination that needs to be translated into reality. Friend, do not dream for too long, if not, the day will pass you by while still dreaming. Starting well does not entail having the whole needed raw materials on ground before starting, but it deals with maximising the little ones one has on ground to command greater success. Many great achievers outside there are people of modest background. This world is full of competition and it only belongs to the smart ones!

Be determined. There are always more than enough reasons not to get a thing done than the encouraging aspect of it. If determination is lacking in whatever you intend doing, be ready to die a mediocre. Determination is the compulsory price every great individual pays. It is an instinct that must be developed in the mind of every great individual. Just like reiterated earlier, those who are great in our society today are people with modest backgrounds. They broke the yoke of poverty, mediocrity and nobody through right foresight and “stubborn courage” known as determination! Nothing in this world is achieved by sheer luck if not through determination. Many Nigerian leaders are known for the expression ‘sheer will’ while delivering their speeches, unfortunately, the problems of the nation have not been solved through that. One thing is missing, determination! A determined mind is a made up mind. It is closed to all forms of distractions and open to innovative ideas on a given project. If the yoke of impossibility will be broken, determination is an indispensable key.

Work along the path of your passion. To many people, the impossible will always be the impossible because they harbour plans that have nothing to do with their passion. They only have the dream because someone said he dreamt of it too. Nobody will be pronounced a failure if we all know and work on our passions. When a man works along his passion, even when he is down physically, his spirit will still be very active. One does not get tired of one’s passion, one only gets passionate about it and this will command success to one’s lane. Passion takes away impossibility; it breaks the log of incapability and puts a man at the open.

Read about achievers in that same field. Truth be told, there is nothing new under the sun. Those innovative ideas of yours are not totally new. So many people have done something similar and have succeeded in that area. Be humble and serious enough to learn from their stories; in the story of a man lies his secrets. The problem with many us in this part of the world is that we play down on people’s achievements and think what they have achieved is nothing. the truth is, we build on successes. When we read about these individuals, we are inspired and learn from their mistakes. Walking on a path as a stranger may be very disturbing and frustrating. You don’t need to suffer what can be avoided in life. In summary, have mentors and be inspired by their stories.


Discuss your plans with likely helpers. This is another great way of stepping on impossibilities. Many have been advised to be selfish about their plans and ambitions in life; they have been warned against revealing their ideas to those who may likely steal them. It doesn’t work out that way. I am not saying those counsellors are wrong, but the fact is that, nobody achieves greatness all alone. Get those who can hold you up when you are depressed during the journey and those who can continue when you’re no more. Every great vision must be shared with people. Only average-minded people keep and die with their plans. You must turn your ideas into a brand which will even continue soaring while you’re no more, that is legacy.

Always review your actions. If you don’t have time for reflections, you may not grow~ reflections prevent avoidable errors. When you reflect on your actions, you see your errors and they are quickly corrected. All your life should not be on trial; steps must be carefully taken to avoid living miserably. This can only be achieved through timely reflections.

Know your Maker. Nobody succeeds outside of his Maker. There are times whereby one will just have the feeling of needing a supernatural power to get a mission accomplished. At this point, the only direction one can look is above. He makes the impossible possible, that is why He remains God! With Him, success is guaranteed.


By: OKE, Babawale Simon

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